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The Benefits of Vitamin C: Why Your Child Needs It

Parents: Consider these body-boosting benefits Contributor: Kadakkal Radhakrishnan, MD Vitamin C has long been touted for its potential health benefits when battling a cold — I’m sure we’ve all been told to load up on it when we are sick. But did you know this vitamin is crucial for children’s good health and development? …

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Boys, BO and Peach Fuzz: What to Expect in Puberty

Timing will vary, but stages of development won’t y odour and fuzz sprouting from his chin may herald the arrival of puberty. But some of his classmates may already have major facial hair. How do you know everything’s progressing “normally” for your son? Pediatrician Veronica Issac, MD, says while the timing of puberty varies widely, the …

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The 10 Best Winter Foods

The drop in temperatures brings with it a spike in sicknesses, but you can outsmart the common cold in the kitchen. Lisa Yarah, New York State Certified Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, shares the 10 immunity-boosting items to stock your fridge and pantry with this winter. 1) Red Bell Peppers. You know vitamin C is essential for boosting …

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